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Things To Carry

Important Things to Carry for Trekking

For all those travel lovers out there we know how badly you want to explore every corner of the world. Especially when the trip is adventurous you will enjoy it more because finally, you get to do something different from the normal routine. Every time you go on a trip you fall in love with nature. Exploring nature and different lifestyles at different places gives immense happiness and pleasure!

It is recommended to go on a trip once in a while at least once every year to get relieved from the daily routine that in turn reduces stress. Different people will have different expectations from a trip and one common misconception among people is that going on a trip especially trekking will make them tired which is not true as it completely depends on one’s perspective and physical health. Trekking is not just about climbing it is all about exploring. It is the journey where not only the destination but the path is also beautiful and hence the tiredness is worth every bit. Planning for a trek or completing it should not be considered a task instead every phase of it must be enjoyed and cherished. 

Trekking is not only meant for physically fit people but anyone who has the zeal and is mentally prepared for it can go with the proper guidance. Every trek is different in its way and each time you get to experience new things. The most important part of trekking is packing your bag. Unlike your normal travels where you can afford to miss few things packing for a trek involves much attention and focus because if you miss out on something important and realize it only when you have reached the destination where you are surrounded by hills and mountains you will not get a chance to purchase the things.  Let us see what are the important things that you need to carry while you are on a trek so that you don’t regret it later.

Trek Items

  • Hiking Boots:Hiking boots are the most important things one cannot miss out on a trek. Trekking involves a lot of walking and climbing on rough surfaces so it is recommended to invest in a good pair of comfortable boots that are light and provide support to your ankle and give a firm grip.
  • Gaiters:Gaiters are usually worn above the shoes. Gaiters are mostly waterproof and hence they protect your lower leg from any kind of moisture, dust, or debris. They are used as additional protection in wet regions.
  • Trekking poles:As you have to walk through the long treks, trekking poles are very essential because they provide proper support and stability. Purchase a trekking pole that is lightweight and foldable.
  • Backpacks:A good backpack is always light on your shoulders and provides a good balance to the load. You must also be able to access the products easily and make sure it protects you from light rains and snow.
  • Headlamp:Headlamp or head torch again is very essential when we are on a trek, nothing is predictable. For situations where you reach your destination late and it’s already dark headlamp can be a life-saver. 
  • Powerbank:A common but yet very important thing to carry is a power bank. Who doesn’t want to capture the moments when we are at a beautiful place? So taking pictures and videos can drain the phone battery easily and hence a power bank is a must.
  • Watch:To keep track of the time and to plan things accordingly a watch is a must need. If you own a smartwatch that is better as you get GPS along with it and it is easy to track the location as well.


  • Sanitizer:When we are on a trek there is a possibility that our hands will come in contact with unwanted germs because we will keep touching everywhere for support. To reduce the probability of falling sick one has to carry a sanitizer.
  • Wet wipes:While climbing and normally as well if it is a sunny day while you are on a trek you will get all sweaty so instead of washing your face every time with water you can just use the wet wipes that will make you feel fresh.
  • Toothpaste & toothbrush:These are the most essential things with which we start our day but also a toothbrush is something we often tend to forget every time we travel so make sure this is on top of your list.
  • Medical kit:Medical kit is something that cannot be forgotten even when you travel normally to different places. We don’t want anyone to fall sick but medical emergencies can come at any time and we need to be prepared for it.
  • Sunscreen & moisturizers:Going on a trek doesn’t mean you stop following your skincare routine. To protect our skin from tanning, dryness, rashes, etc. you must carry your favorite sunscreen and moisturizers.  

You also need to carry warm clothes, 3 pairs of socks, jackets, caps, sunglasses, hand gloves, t-shirts, etc. depending on your trek duration and requirements.

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