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What is the best month to visit Tanzania?

Tanzania is a country with various climatic conditions. So now the question arises which month will offer the best Tanzania safari tours that you must reach the wildlife land. The best season to visit that wonderful place is the long dry season.

Tanzania has comfortable weather for people from all the different countries. If you are a traveller, you will easily adjust to its weather condition no matter which country you are from. Weather in Tanzania varies from region to region.

The coast area is quite hot and humid and receives heavy rainfall during the rainy season. On the other hand, the Center land of Tanzania is cool and arid. This is because Tanzania has two rainy seasons, and one has a short period of rain while the other has a longer period of rain. Well, most of the places you will be visiting will be warm and dry. However, some places with high altitudes will be too cold.

These days weather conditions from Africa are a little too unpredictable. So, these results are not crystal clear but the close idea. These changes in weather conditions of Africa are maybe due to global warming. Serengeti experiences large wildebeest migration, but this migration can be seen all the year. So, there’s no specific season but a specific place.

To plan a short Tanzania safari tour, June is considered the best month of the year in almost all the countries, but in Tanzania, long rains can happen this month. Therefore, the weather conditions of Tanzania vary from other countries.

After June, from July to August, you can visit Tanzania. Tanzania will be cool, dry, and happy in these times of the year. September is also a good month, but it can be too hotter.

Months to visit Tanzania?

Months to visit Tanzania

Actually, some months can be considered the best months for the safaris, and even there are months for the great migration, beach holidays in Zanzibar, and trekking. And finally, the months are July to September.

The best month to visit Tanzania is December as well. The average temperature during this time is a comfortable 20 degrees Fahrenheit, which allows you to enjoy a luxury Tanzania safari and explore the country without melting into a pool of sweat by the end of your trip. As Tanzania has a tropical climate, rain showers likely dominate much of the year. Still, they are not as prevalent during December, making this the perfect month for dry sightseeing when possible.

How do I plan my trip?

It’s not always easy to decide which month or region of Tanzania will be “the best” for your trip—although there are some guidelines that can help you make an informed decision about where in Africa you want to go. Generally speaking, Tanzania is hot and humid in the middle of the year, with a rainy and cooler northerly season. That being said, it is also generally quite dry in December. The coastal regions of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, and Pemba are consistently warm year-round. At the same time, areas that include the Arusha highlands have a temperature range from the low 20’s to mid-40’s year-round. Hence, to experience the best Tanzania safari tours, you need to plan the vacation considering all the aspects.

What to pack?

What to pack

As now you know that weather condition changes in Tanzania with altitude, you have to pack both warmer and light clothes. It would be best if you layered clothes in higher altitudes. You should also pack a sun hat and sunscreen. You know that Tanzania has many mountains and trekking places, so you should keep your hiking shoes.

If you are visiting this beautiful place and use Instagram and love photography, make perfect use of this time, and bring your camera and equipment. You have to be a little cautious about it, as you do on other trips. This place has perfect spots for your Instagram post. Make sure to keep your medicines and products, as you won’t be able to find the same products there.

The rest of the things needed for short Tanzania safari tours are the same as what we pack for a safari trip.

How Can I Get Around?

As in most other countries in Africa, transportation tends to be more expensive when compared to Europe or the United States. It also takes a lot of time and patience to get from place to place, as many Africans rely on cattle to transport goods between towns. Ukiriguru and Oldonyo risings national parks are accessible by plane, and the Serengeti region can be reached by train, bus, or plane. If you’re travelling in December, then be prepared for some precipitation on your journey.

Where Can I Sleep?

Tanzania lodging is diverse and ranges from budget guesthouses with shared bathroom facilities to luxury lodges set along the coastline with ocean views. Tanzania accommodations are available in coastal cities and desert oases like Sossusvlei or Great Rift Valley sites such as Olduvai Gorge. Tourists will find that there are many budget guesthouses, similar to hostels, in the urban areas of Dar Es Salaam and Kilimanjaro. Most of those available in Dar es Salaam are geared towards short-term travellers. It is possible to splurge on a luxury triplex or suite with all the amenities you could ever want during your trip to Africa.

What about food?

Food throughout Tanzania varies from ethnic cuisine to local delicacies and international options. Ethnic foods can be found throughout the country and include recipes from around the world and local indigenous dishes such as mchicha (chickpeas). Traditional grains, pulses, and legumes are also common accompaniments. Dishes are made from fresh produce such as tomatoes, onions, peppers, carrots and potatoes. It is typical for meals to contain a starch-based dish such as rice or ugali (a cornmeal staple), with meat or fish (or both) accompanied by vegetables. Desserts are unique to Tanzania and include mishikaki—a grilled pineapple with a spicy fried dough—and mobile (coconut milk pudding).

Are there cultural celebrations?

As the population of Tanzania is extremely diverse, there are many cultural events that tourists may get to experience while visiting the country. For example, the Maasai people and their cattle are distinct from Tanzanian culture. As a result, you may have the opportunity to purchase a young calf or participate in an elaborate ceremony such as the wedding of a Maasai princess. In addition, in December, the Tanzania National Electoral Commission holds voting across the country for elections that lead to a new president and parliament.

What do I need to know about safety?

Tanzania remains relatively safe for tourists, especially those who plan their trips carefully by avoiding regions where political instability is a risk. It is wise not to bring large amounts of cash with you and instead use an ATM to withdraw cash from an LP Gas station or at one of the numerous shopping centres throughout cities.

What is The Tanzania National Parks Field Guide?

The Tanzania National Parks Field Guide features comprehensive guides to 30 of the most popular national parks in Tanzania. You’ll get detailed maps, practical information, park fees and rates, and simple-to-follow directions to make your trip run smoothly. In addition, each guide includes practical information on nearby accommodations, restaurants, shops, and things.

Bottom line

Tanzania is the perfect place for nature enthusiasts, indie travelers and history buffs. From the highlands of Kilimanjaro and Lake Manyara to the northern Serengeti, there is something for everyone, and you will not be disappointed with your trip. The best part about this destination is that it is a good place to start your trip in Africa, as you can make easy and luxury Tanzania safari travel plans from here. If you are new to Africa trips, to Tanzania is a great country to visit. We also hope that this article has really helped you know what to pack and when to visit Tanzania.

Share your experience with us and let us know if we missed anything. You can find more information at www.AfricanAdventure.com.

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