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Is Kenya or Tanzania better for safari?

People in the West are notable for viewing Africa as a single, homogeneous land rather than a collection of distinct nations. This is exacerbated when people attempt to distinguish between two countries in the same region, as is the case with Kenya and Tanzania. That is why comparative manuals are so helpful in determining the facts regarding Africa’s great nations. We’ve outlined the key distinctions between Kenya and Tanzania, two of Africa’s most famous safari locations. We concentrated on the landscape and weather, the costs and infrastructural facilities, the points of interest, and the animals.

Landscape and weather

landscape and weather

Kenya and Tanzania share many similarities since both nations share a border and are mostly on the Indian Ocean. Kenya’s terrain consists of sandy beaches on the shoreline, rocky mountains in the centre, and fertile plains throughout the west. The seasons in the nation are divided into wet and dry seasons, with the main wet season lasting from April to June as well as the dry season lasting from December to March. Kenya’s temperature typically varies between 20°C and 28°C, with the coast being hotter and far more humid than the interior.

Tanzania is equivalent to Kenya, but it is about 1.5 times larger. The east coast has a coastline, the west has plains and plateaus, and the north and south have highlands.

Tanzania’s seasons seem to be very similar to those of Kenya. Summer temperatures average 28°C, with the nation’s coldest month being July, when temperatures hover approximately 24°C. If you plan to visit Tanzania, you can take short Tanzania Safari tours.

Expenses and Infrastructure

Kenya and Tanzania are both inexpensive than the great majority of European and North American countries. Even so, there seems to be a significant cost distinction between the two. Kenya is a richer country than Tanzania, and it is more costly. Tanzania is a larger country but is not as prosperous as Kenya and is generally cheaper. An economy flight from North America to Dar es Salaam, on the other hand, will be marginally more expensive than a flight to Nairobi. Alternatively, food and lodging are less expensive. If you are looking for safari tours, you must go for a Luxury safari to Tanzania.


Kenya has a more developed tourism sector, with more accommodation establishments. Taxis and matatus are plentiful in the metropolitan areas, and you can conveniently transfer US dollars for shillings at each financial institution. In general, Tanzania is less expensive, whereas Kenya seems to have a better transport infrastructure. Often these people travel to East Africa to go out on safari. Safaris, on the other hand, are never cost-effective.

Both Kenya and Tanzania have a plethora of historical sites. The most renowned location in Kenya is the Masai Mara, home to a wide range of animals and provide scenic safari experiences people think about while dreaming about the African savannah. Nairobi, with a population of four million people, is a tourist attraction in that this is one of Africa’s most thriving and buzzing cities.

Tanzania, such as Kenya, is brimming with wonders of the world. The Serengeti is the world’s greatest safari park, and every year it serves as the starting point for the Great Migration of wildebeest and zebra. The Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s biggest inactive volcanic caldera, is also nearby. Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain and is one of the world’s Seven Summits, is close to Ngorongoro.



Because Kenya and Tanzania are two of the most famous African safari destinations, the animals living in each nation are among the most appealing. Kenya is relatively smaller than Tanzania; however, the variety of species discovered within its boundaries is not insufficient. All of the Big Five (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo) can be found in the nation’s wildlife reserves, such as Masai Mara National Reserve.

Tanzania is greater than Kenya, and also the number of wild living creatures in the nation represents this: there seem to be over 4 million wild animals in the nation. The Big Five are present: zebra, wildebeest, hippos, giraffes, antelopes, dik-diks, gazelles, elands, kudu, cheetahs, and jackals, wild dogs, crocodiles, vervet monkeys, and sometimes even chimps. There are more than 1,000 different bird species, including grey crowned cranes, fish eagles, and flamingos.


Kenya and Tanzania share many similarities, but they also have a lot of differences that set them apart. After reading our breakdowns, you will have a better analysis of the main distinctions between these nations and which country to choose based on the type of holiday you want to take.

Kenya is the place to go if you want a moderate climate with improved tourist facilities, quite accessible urban areas, plenty of natural features, and a courteous society with a thriving restaurant scene.

If you would like more tropical weather stretched across a greater scenery, more recognizable natural areas of interest, more animals, and a thriving mix of external diversity, Tanzania is the place to go. For knowing about the best Tanzania Safari tours, you can take guidance from tour operators.

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