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A herd of wildebeest crossing road near Serengeti national park

Is Tanzania good for safari?

You may have wondered if Tanzania is good for Safari? Yes, Tanzania is a perfect place for a safari. Whether you are a mountain person or beach lover, Tanzania is the place for all.

What will you find in Tanzania?

Tanzania is an East African country bounded by Uganda, Kenya, and some other countries. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, is in north-eastern Tanzania, and in contrast, it has the world’s second deepest lake, Lake Tanganyika. You can fly high to the clouds and dive down deep to the rivers. You will experience different natural and soothing forces in Tanzania. In southern Tanzania, you can board a boat and enjoy the intricate waterways that run through Selous. You can explore a massive quantity of wildlife in Tanzania, making it a huge attraction to wildlife lovers. You will find a large variety of fauna here. Also, Tanzania experiences great migration of animals, which brings it closer to being a good safari.

What will you find in Tanzania

Wildlife in Tanzania!

You can watch giant hippo and crocodiles next to you basking or soaking in water, spot the fictitious tree-climbing lion. The energy here is so magnetic, and if you are here for a short Tanzania safari tour, it will end up being the best Tanzania safari tour.

Spend some time on the beaches of Zanzibar, and you can feel magic around you. Some of the best Tanzania safari tours include Serengeti National park, which is well known for the world’s largest animal migration, including wildebeests, zebras, lions, and elephants.

Wildlife in Tanzania

Let’s see what a luxury Tanzania safari tour looks like!

You can enjoy the best Tanzania Safari tours in a minimum of 13 days.

Day 1 – This includes arrival to Tanzania at Kilimanjaro has a Retreat where you can rest before starting the amazing trip.fo

best Tanzania Safari tours

On day 2 – If you are a coffee lover, it will be the best day of your life. You can enjoy the Uru Coffee tour, a place where coffee is grown, harvested and roasted, and you can join in the entire process, including brewing their cup of coffee! Then you can move to Kahawa Shamba Project, which is again a great place for visitors.

On day 3 – It’s not always you’ll find a good place for hiking. It’s almost like finding heaven when you find a good place for hiking. Tanzania is one of the best places for hiking. You can enjoy a hike in Kilimanjaro National Park and then walk through the lush rainforest, where you can have a picnic lunch.

On day 4– Every place in Tanzania is unique, but they are common wildlife. You can visit Tarangire National park to enjoy a game drive. This park is known for huge herds of elephants, different flora, and different types of wildlife animals in Serengeti. In the summer season, animals are more likely to be spotted; they’re to drink water from the Tarangire River. If you stop here and think of returning, it will be a good short Tanzania trip.

But if you have some more time and want to have this trip as a Luxury Tanzania safari, then my friend, the list of adventures places goes on.

On day 5 – Tarangire National park is so huge; it’s not possible to have its view in a single day. You can start your trip early in the morning, take a safari through Tarangire National Park on the way, you’ll see a huge movement of the animals. After lunch, you can head to Rhotia Valley.

On day 6– You may find the name of places weird here, but the places are worth visiting. You can go to Mto Wa Mbu Cultural Tourism Program and walk to Lake Manyara, a lake in East Africa. You can watch flamingos, leopards, blue monkeys, hippo, giraffes, dik-dik, lions, and many more! It may seem like an animal party.

On day 7 – Do you find Rhino attractive? You will definitely find them attractive after looking at the black rhinos of Ngorongoro. You can visit Ngorongoro Crater, where you can find a black rhino flaunting his body. You can find some ancient volcanic rock there.

On day 8 – if you are a cat family lover, it will be the perfect place for you. You can visit Serengeti National Park; it is a world heritage site; you can find a wide range of animals on the way. It is famous for its wealth of lions and leopards.

On day 9– Serengeti is a large place, you have to visit it in a minimum of 2 days. Today you can opt for game drives, can examine the oldest ecosystem on earth. You can find hills, woods and all the natural objects here. You can find some animal migration there too.

On day 10 – You can visit Natron; you will find a lot of animals around you. It is an official breeding ground for flamingos’ flock.

On day 11 – Lake Natron you can watch the beautiful lake view and waterfall. For any nature lover, this view is heavenly. Then peace here is so soothing as it is not much crowded and less visited by visitors.

On day 12– you can visit Massai Boma, watch thousands of cows, and if the timing is right, you can even see them being milked. It is a traditional place. You will find nature and history there.

By now, you may have got a little idea about what Tanzania is. This wholesome experience here will give you immense pleasure. It will bring you closer to animals, forests, and air. You will experience one of the best Tanzania safari tours. Plus, you can visit Tanzania in 3 to 4 days, and it will be a short Tanzania tour.

On day 13, you can depart from Tanzania.

Hope you are hopping to the place soon. All information is worthless in case you don’t live it. Is the word Tanzania is making you extremely curious about a safari? Of course, it will, as this is a place that can excite you to go out of your comfort zone. There are even more theories that you can explore there. Are you still reading and didn’t leave for Tanzania?

Then you are not a true traveller or an explorer. This luxury Tanzania safari tour is everything we expect from a safari.

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